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Initiating awareness on our SMART Homes in Kumbakonam

Do you know that people living under SMART Homes in Kumbakonam can save up to 40% of their monthly utility costs spent on electricity, cooling, heating, water, cooking gas and sewage removals by just following these simple steps?

Being aware about things that impacts costs and enables savings makes one SMART and that quality can makes a big difference when it comes to savings on your Utility bills. It doesn’t always need a big investment in time or money to make sure that you’re wasting less energy and saving more.

SMART houses in Kumbakonam are fitted with some of these latest facilities that will help you save money on your Utility bills.

  1. SMART Homes are fitted with Led lights that go a big way in saving electricity when compared to regular light fittings that wastes lot of energy in the form of heat emitted while glowing.
  2. SMART Homes are fitted with Activity sensors that can trigger lights to glow only when activity or moments are sensed in each room. Hence under Auto mode one need not physically switch on and switch off these lights
  3. SMART Homes are fitted with Temperate sensors that cuts off Air-conditioning or Heating once the desired temperature is reached inside every room. Added to that Thermal proof coatings installed over the walls (cavity wall insulation) goes a big way in retaining the temperature maintained for a long time.
  4. SMART Homes are fitted with Wash basins and Toilets that controls the flow of water used for washing. Push Timers are set on Wash Basin Knobs that allows water flow only for the desired time and level. Toilet flush knobs has both small and big levels that can be used as per the desired water flush level by the user
  5. SMART Homes have Solar water heaters that consumes zero electricity for heating water. Added to that are the thermal proof piping lines that does not allow water to cool down while flowing through the piping lines from the water tank till the bath shower
  6. SMART Homes are built with Solar plates that gets charged in during the day time and stores energy in rechargeable batteries that are connected to UPS facility.
  7.  SMART Homes comes with Terrace Roof gardens that not only for beautification but also helps in beekeeping the room temperature. Hence air-conditioning is required to the minimum levels down during sunny days
  8. SMART Homes has Mini Bio-Gas plans set that uses organic wastes and produces Bio-gas used for cooking for a family of 4 people daily.
  9. SMART Homes are fitted with Mini water purifiers that cleans ground water to good levels and reduces costs spent on buying Canned water
  10. Using energy efficient Cooking wares (like Pressure cookers / vessels with copper bottom), Stoves and freezers makes lots of saving when compared with inefficient models. Please note that Size, Model, Energy consumption ranges are important factors while buying your kitchenware.